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Roy Saunders - Chairman

Roy SaundersIn the early 1970s, the concept of international tax specialism was unheard of and Roy seized this opportunity to create International Fiscal Services, a niche international tax boutique. Originally based in Amsterdam, the heart of international tax planning, Roy now runs IFS from London with his team of dedicated tax consultants.

Since qualifying as a Chartered Accountant in 1967, Roy has accumulated a wealth of commercial experience working independently in commercial property, advertising and other industries. Academically, he is known throughout the world for his many books and publications, the foremost being an 800 page loose leaf work, now in its 65th edition, entitled International Tax Systems & Planning Techniques published by Sweet & Maxwell and now available on www.istructuring.com. Roy is currently teaching an MA Course on International Taxation at the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies at the University of London.

Roy is very proud of the fascinating client base of entrepreneurial individuals that he has built up at IFS. He feels strongly about the role that ‘ethical’ tax structuring plays in the growth of an economy, and that this needs to be better understood by the public at large.   A marriage of commercial understanding and academic expertise is vital in an international tax consultant who wants to be involved in such necessary entrepreneurial development.

Roy is married to Sonia, his wife of 41 years and has four children. He is a keen golfer where he sets himself fairly minimal standards which unfortunately he fails to achieve, an amateur painter whose artistic vision is better than his technical ability, and a boating enthusiast who also enjoys reading, films and the theatre.